Tari Shattuck Foundation
"Supporting Excellence in Our Public Schools"

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     The Tari Shattuck Education Foundation is a not for profit charitable organization whose purpose is to fund projects, activities and organizations that will support and develop teachers and students, especially elementary school students and teachers, in rural Vermont, particularly in Bristol and in Lincoln, Vermont.

     Tari Shattuck was a committed and effective elementary school teacher in Bristol, Vermont for many years. She was diagnosed in 1987 with chronix myelogenous leukemia, a disease with a very low rate of cure. Ms. Shattuck struggled to continue her work but, finally unable, reigned her positon, with deep regret. Various strong anti-leukemic therapies were not able to stop the progress of her illness. She died, aged 41, in 1993. Tari Shattuck was herself fortunate to receive, and to benefit from, excellent schooling. She understood at an unusually early age, from example and from experience, the value of strong effective education to individuals and to our society.

     Her friends, in recognition of Ms. Shattuck's contributions as a teacher and to support her belief in effective education founded the Tari Shattuck Education Foundation in 1992. Ms. Shattuck was unexpectedly able to aid in organizing the Foundation, and worked at this vigorously and with commitment.

     Beginning in 1993 the Foundation each spring annually funded projects to further its purposes, including the award of grant monies to the Bristol and Lincoln elementary schools, for the purchase of needed books for the school libraries.